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Winged Chariot Remixes LP




Brussels' based Umbrelladelika Records releases its first Webrelease on bandcamp:

A remix album of Shepherd’s smash hit “Winged Chariot”, which originally appeared as B-side for Baconhead’s Novahawk 7” on Umbrelladelika records (UBD004) in september 2010.
A remix pool was opened for selected Belgian and international artists, who delivered 19 fresh approaches to the track.

The final tracks featuring on this release have been selected and mastered by Shepherd, resulting in a nice collection of tunes reflecting the remix skills of renowned and lesser known musicians from around the globe.



Inside The Box! 


Lowdjo & Umbrelladelika team up to provide you with a new blog on which mixtapes are hosted on a monthly basis.

The emphasis lies on 'non-signature Dj mixes', where each artist chooses a theme, different to what they are used to play.


Outernational mixtapes for extraordinary people




UBD invites KRTS (bonnefooi, brussels)

June 2nd 2011

bonnefooi brussels


<< KRTS (usa) live >>

<< Spongemagnet (be) live >>

<< Polle van de Gash & Lowdjo (uk/be) dj set >>

<< Alex Deforce (be) >>

<< DJ umbrelladelika! >>





UBD004 - Baconhead/Shepherd 7"



A. Baconhead - novahawk

B. Shepherd - winged chariot



mastered by Herrmutt Lobby

design by Stefan Corthals



"Time for a 7”!", we said to ourselves at Umbrelladelika records. And what a great idea it turned out to be!

From the outer reaches of distant dimensions we got hold of two exclusive, brand new tracks that will make your sundays groovier, your parties funkier, your romances more memorable and, most of all, your ass shaking itself off. Novahawk, by sci-fi beatwizards Baconhead (aka Ebola and Autobee, UK), is a vintage synthage, neat piece of 80s psyched-out funk and abstract beachhop.

On the flipside, UBD's very own upcoming superhero Shepherd (BE) presents a soon-to-be classic future-hiphop track, a wicked blend of delicious beatness in a sheep's fur. Moreover, all this niceness is mastered by Herrmutt Lobby, go figure that!

Limited to 500 copies, lovingly pressed on the finest vinyl we could lay our hands on and wrapped in mindbending artwork by RoachBugincan, this shit, ladies and gentlemen, is hot! Be sure to get your slice of the pie in time!



promo video by


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Umbrelladelika! 2.0

Friday 24th of September


Recyclart - Brussels





21h00 Lowdjo & Polle Van De Gash [DJ BE/UK]
22h30 Egon Fisk [Live BE]
23h30 Phoebus & Shepherd [Live BE/JP]
00h30 Sunken Foal [Live UK]
01h30 Herrmutt Lobby [Live BE]
02h30 Fulgeance [Live FR]
03h30 Baconhead [Live UK]
04h30 RoachBugincan [DJ BE]



UBD003 - VIUDMOTH - the electrobubblepunk EP


Releasenight 09/09/2010 @Café Central - 21h



Umbrelladelika's third release is a blast! On gorgeous, toxic-looking orange coloured vinyl, your favourite label from Brussels brings you the sonic-comic madness of the Parisian duo Viudmoth (Alex Viudes & Thomas Surugue). These energetic, live synth and drum lads master
their electro-slapstick instrumental indie bubble-pop to perfection. An impeccable control of their instruments and unconventional and unexpected twists & hooks make their song-writing an audiophiles' wet dream. With these electro-baroque compositions that ricochet around the place like there's no tomorrow, Viudmoth are definitely on a quest to bring back humour in music, while still giving your regular indie-head cold chills at 100 miles per hour. Think abstract phonic mayhem in a candy store, or try to imagine a soundtrack for Tom & Jerry, teaming up with Mr. Bungle on a quest through Marioland.

Got it? Right!


artwork by



Preview tracks here




S.H.O.W. @ Beursschouwburg

Wednesday 21/04/2010



21h Roachbuginshow
21h30 Cnuff.L

22h00 Oubys + bratPmilk & vidlo
23h00 Egon Fisk + bart winkers


+ experimental installation : La machine 2.0 by intr@ktif


Videos by CNUFF.L






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UBD002 - Egon Fisk - Review by



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Umbrelladelika Beukt! @ Fulmar Boat




March 20th 2010

Fulmar - Brussels


Egon Fisk 


Shepherd & Dr Green Cheese

Morg.Ho (FR)

Lowdjo (the bday boy)

John d'ark
Subtronic aka Sicktronic
c9 aka wasted matter






Music & video by RoachBugincan




"when marti was there" UBD001




recording of a dj-set by DJ umbrelladelika



UBD002 out now!

Egon Fisk - Leaking Colours EP




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New release!

Shepherd aka Harry Poppins - riddle of the unflocked EP

on (ACP061)



Leading the flocks since 2008, Shepherd brings ewe spiritual guidance in troubled times. The mood is dark, grimy and the landscape desolate. Let Shepherd's hiphop and dubstep endeavors light your path.


This is a bass heavy new electronic project by Belgian producer Shepherd (a.k.a. Julien Itterbeek). The style is akin to the sinister breakbeat sound of Scorn or Push Button Objects but hidden beneath its murky swamp of squelchy synth lines are intriguing, alien-like emcee vocals. When listening, sometimes I imagine a b-boy battle on a space station between Martians and Mercurians, each crew doing weird twists and flips. It was released as a free MP3 download on the obscure Acroplane label, so be sure to grab it while you can. This is one evil, mind bending album and it accompanies me very often these days from start to finish.

taken from CHIRP -



Globalocal Festival

9/10/2009 @Bellevue, Vaartkapoen, Auquai



“GlobaLocal Festival - Along the Waterside” will take place for the first time this year, and is situated along the waterside of Brussels. The festival is a social-cultural and artistic project which aims to promote Brussels' artistic talents, and bring them together on the basis of a collective interest: art & music. GlobaLocal Festival is a project which wants to work together with as many organizations, situated around the Canal, as possible.

@ Bellevue (14h – 20h)
Free entrance

@ VK* (20h – 23h)
€7/€10 (

(Psychedelic dub with Arabian, African & Berber influences)
Black Out (Psychedelic dub)

@ AuQuai (23h - …)
Free donation (€5 would be nice)

D'onderhond (live Gypsy/Punk)
FILASTINE (USA) + MC Nova Ruth (Java)
Lowdjo (Fotons) - Phonetics (54 Kolaktiv) + guest(s)

Brasserie Bellevue: Henegouwenkaai 43, 1080 Brussels
VK*: Schoolstraat 67, 1080 Brussels
Collectif AuQuai: Henegouwenkaai 23, 1080 Brussels



Waterdicht events

Summer 2009 @ Le Café Central



This summer, UBD is taking over Le Café Central in Brussels. Head to le Central on Fridays and Saturdays in July and August for the finest selection of IDM, dubstep, indietronics and a dazzling variety of the most diverse electronic entertainment!




Umbrelladelika launch party!

@Recyclart, Friday 06/02/2009, 22h - 5h


UBD is launching its first release, enigmatically named “Drops”. This beautifully conceived record with artwork by Egon Fisk (also featuring on the record musicwise) is a compilation offering a glimpse at all the goodness UBD is planning to send your way in the light-years ahead of us. “Drops” will be presented on the launching party in Recyclart.



   Wevie Stonder (Skam, Cack records) UK
   Filaria (Suburban trash, Bug Klinik) UK
   TEP (Bedroom Research, Invitro rec) FR
   Thiaz Itch (Proot rec, Bedroom Research) FR
   Egon Fisk (Acroplane)
   Ucture (Ambivalence)
   O for Odetta (Caoutchou)
   Harry Poppins (Umbrelladelika!, I&I Relations)
   Dj SoFa (Lamadameaveclechien, The Wax Ensemble)
   Dj RoachBugincan (TAR, Umbrelladelika!)



Entrance: 8€ (+CD=15€)
All these artists feature on “Drops”, alongside: Th’idiot, Baby Kruger, Tidy Kid, Two Girls, One Cup, HosmOz, Cnuff.L, Enock Krapowski and Asger Baden.



The birth of Umbrelladelika Records



Umbrelladelika! Records (UBD) is a fresh Brussels-based electronic music label conceived by musician / producer / dj Harry Poppins, also operating under the moniker Shepherd (see infra for more info on the artist). As an independent label highly valuing an honest DIY approach, UBD is aiming at being a platform for a wide variety of electronica-influenced musical styles ranging from IDM to indietronics. Moreover, UBD wants to offer the music in the traditional and well-honored way of a physical carrier: cd’s and vinyl in all their sizes and shapes. UBD highly values beautiful and clever artwork and believes it is of great and undeniable importance for a record.







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7" single





The Electrobubblepunk EP





Egon Fisk

Leaking Colours






V.A. Drops







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Umbrelladelika Records is a Brussels-based electronic music label. UBD is aiming at being a platform for a wide variety of electronica-influenced musical styles. At UBD we want to offer the music in the traditional and well-honored way of a physical carrier: cd’s and vinyl in all their sizes and shapes.